The Painting Season

beach_glow_48x40The Plein air painters will be out in the landscape capturing the play of sunlight

It is always an exciting time when an artist starts his or her painting season. Some go on sabbatical, some go off to Europe or enjoy a sojourn in another local for a few weeks or a few months and it is always an exciting start.

It is an exciting time for an artist because the artist arrives with his blank canvases and at the end of his stay, the canvases bear the fruits of his labor. I know one artist who told me that he went to the Adirondacks for a month or so of painting and when he returned, he couldn’t find anything good in any of them. He never connected with the place on canvas it seems. However, when it does work out, the artist at the end of his painting season sees the excitement of his painting season visible on the canvas.

We are ending the winter and marching towards spring. The grays and browns of winter will evolve into the fresh greens of spring. This, too, could be the end of a painting season and the start of another. For studio artists it will lift the spirits as it does for everyone, but for the landscape artists attuned to the changes in nature, it is a heady time of contained excitement.

The Plein air painters will be out in the landscape capturing the play of sunlight on the lay of the land or the sea shore. They might do their studies outdoors and then return to the studio for the final touches or they may return time after time to the outdoor scene. Regardless of the venue, for some, the seasonal painting will come to an end and another will start. Their lives are measured in the collection of finished paintings at the end of these painting sojourns and their excitement builds since it is the start of another. It is a cycle that renews and rejuvenates and creates a personal legacy of time used in creative endeavor visible for all to see.

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